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CEO Executive Coaching  
Lance PhotoThrough Lance Consulting, in my capacity as a chairperson with Vistage*, I provide coaching and monthly facilitation to CEOs of companies that range in size from $2.5 million in revenue to those in excess of $400 million.

I draw from my more than 20 years of consulting and the valuable Vistage* resources to provide my clients with services that meet or exceed their goals.

In addition to executive coaching, I provide meeting facilitation on topics such as strategic planning and organizational change, and team-building functions including corporate retreats.

We work together to define goals, improve communication, understand and implement change, along with many other processes which grow both businesses and individuals. I work with the group members to engage and motivate them to discover insights that will assist them in their work and in other aspects of their lives.
*Vistage is a global membership of CEOs dedicated to helping businesses excel. Executives come to Vistage to accelerate their growth both personally and professionally. The growth experience comes from direct access to a local group of trusted peers and to a worldwide network of more than 10,000 progressive and practiced leaders.
I become a team member, working as both a CEO coach and a partner to your management team.

I specialize in organizational development and have a strong understanding of business modeling and strategic planning. I have developed coaching and training skills to enhance personal as well as business growth and development.

As a Vistage Chair I work with three groups of approximately fifteen CEOs. We meet monthly, often with a featured speaker, and I provide monthly one-on-one coaching for the members of the groups. The members of the groups are from Contra Costa County, Monterey, San Francisco, Stockton, Tracy, and Silicon Valley.

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