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Vistage Lance Descourouez is a chairperson for Vistage

Vistage helps companies out perform the competition. Since 1957, business leaders have been coming to Vistage to accelerate the growth of their businesses, and of themselves. That growth comes from one-on-one executive coaching, assess to a local group of trusted peers, and entree into a worldwide network of more than 10,000 progressive and practiced executives. And Vistage works: Vistage members grow, on average, 2.5 times faster than they did prior to joining Vistage. As as Vistage chairperson, I have many professional resources which enrich my consulting practice.

Vistage was founded by Wisconsin businessman Robert Nourse, after his lawn mower company lost a big contract with Montgomery Ward. The failure of his business gave Robert a chance to implement an idea he had thought about for a long time: "If other executives had problems like mine, they might see the value of talking them over with their peers," wrote Norse. He called on several CEO friends and started the first Vistage group. The idea proved its worth, and Vistage has since grown into a movement that is now embraced by more than 10,000 executives around the world.

What is it like working with me? Hear from some of my clients....

  • Alfred Redmond, CEO/President, Cellotape, Inc.
    "LCI Global Communications provided exactly what we needed and were looking for. They met and exceeded our expectations."
  • Dave Paulides, H/R Business Partner, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.
    "I have had many employees tell me they learned more in two days than they have in five years on how to deal with the Japanese. We feel that this is due in large part to the professional and culturally sensitive approach Lance's team has in their teaching. We will have Lance back many times in the future."
  • Barbara Galli, Galli Associates
    "...During today's meeting I kept thinking about how masterfully Lance manages and facilitate the group process. Lance not only listens, but can take notes, keep time, process data, evaluate and intervene all at the same time, This is not an easy task by ANY stretch of the imagination."
  • Art Williams, CEO/President, Encompass Northern California
    "Lance Descourouez and TEC have provided the structure and the discipline to grow my business, to grow professionally and personally, and to meet my goals."
  • Don Devito, Vice President H/R, TRW Aerospace Program
    "Lance has a totally genuine style that allows him to work with people anywhere. His contribution to the Taiwanese Space Agency and TRW Joint Venture was in large part the reason the three-year program got off the ground. He is able to meld OD and Intercultural needs and analysis together delivering training and interventions that address very complex dynamics. Very few consultants in the world can adequately tackle 'International OD', but Lance Descourouez can."

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